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Suzhou Unique Human Resources and Service Co. Ltd. is a comprehensive service set up to help foreigners work and live in Southern Jiangsu. Our goal is to build a professional service platform for foreigners.We provide a guided path for talented individuals to explore a new country and a new career path. We attract and dispatch high-end professionals and provide one-on-one consulting and services for our foreign customers. We also provide professional and efficient service for foreigners’ daily life. We create for you a brilliant experience in China, without the hassles in visa processing and life services.
  • About Job-hunting

    Our company worked with many international schools, kindergartens, public schools and training schools all over China.

  • About Real Estate

    We have a professional and efficient team and provide one-to-one service to help you find an ideal apartment in the city you will work.

  • About Visa service

    With over 7 years experience about applying work visa for foreigners, our visa service team can give you useful advices about getting visas.

  • About VIP service

    This service department aims to provide professional guidance and help for foreigners to adapt to Chinese life easily, without language barrier.



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