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Suzhou Unique Human Resources and Service Co. Ltd. is a comprehensive service set up to help foreigners work and live in Southern Jiangsu. Our goal is to build a professional service platform for foreigners.We provide a guided path for talented individuals to explore a new country and a new career path. We attract and dispatch high-end professionals and provide one-on-one consulting and services for our foreign customers. We also provide professional and efficient service for foreigners’ daily life. We create for you a brilliant experience in China, without the hassles in visa processing and life services.
  • About Job-hunting

    Our company worked with many international schools, kindergartens, public schools and training schools all over China.

  • About Real Estate

    We have a professional and efficient team and provide one-to-one service to help you find an ideal apartment in the city you will work.

  • About Visa service

    With over 7 years experience about applying work visa for foreigners, our visa service team can give you useful advices about getting visas.

  • About VIP service

    This service department aims to provide professional guidance and help for foreigners to adapt to Chinese life easily, without language barrier.



Border controls related to the new crown have a serious impact on global migration

The international organization for migration said that while new crown a pandemic outbreak since governments to take measures in 2020 the overall trend of cross-border personnel flow drops greatly, but…


Global vaccination of 700 million new crowns

In the first 100 days of this year, 194 out of 220 countries and economies have started vaccinating against COVID-19, while 26 have yet to do so, WHO Director-General Tedros…


The United Nations welcomes the lifting of U.S. sanctions against criminal court officials

In a statement issued through his spokesman, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres welcomed the U.S. decision to lift sanctions and visa restrictions on ICC officials. U.S. President Joe Biden on Friday…


Twenty new crown vaccines are not falling, fake vaccines should cause alarm

Driven by the COVID-19 Access Mechanism, led with WHO participation, 177 countries and economies have begun vaccinating. In just one month, the facility has distributed more than 32 million doses…


The United Nations is once again participating in Earth Hour

On March 27, the world briefly went dark, in order of time zones, as countries dimmed their lights for an hour at 8.30pm local time. Earth Hour aims to encourage…

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