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Suzhou Unique Human Resources and Service Co. Ltd. is a comprehensive service set up to help foreigners work and live in Southern Jiangsu. Our goal is to build a professional service platform for foreigners.We provide a guided path for talented individuals to explore a new country and a new career path. We attract and dispatch high-end professionals and provide one-on-one consulting and services for our foreign customers. We also provide professional and efficient service for foreigners’ daily life. We create for you a brilliant experience in China, without the hassles in visa processing and life services.
  • About Job-hunting

    Our company worked with many international schools, kindergartens, public schools and training schools all over China.

  • About Real Estate

    We have a professional and efficient team and provide one-to-one service to help you find an ideal apartment in the city you will work.

  • About Visa service

    With over 7 years experience about applying work visa for foreigners, our visa service team can give you useful advices about getting visas.

  • About VIP service

    This service department aims to provide professional guidance and help for foreigners to adapt to Chinese life easily, without language barrier.



Tiger Hill in Suzhou

‘It is a lifelong pity if having visited Suzhou you did not visit Tiger Hill.’


Traditional Chinese Residence

The traditional domestic architecture of China has five major styles.


Beijing, Shanghai richest cities in China

Beijing and Shanghai were way ahead of other cities, for the two surpassed 10 trillion yuan ($1.45 trillion) in total capital amount.


How to lower costs and improve the living quality?

Think of it in this way: To live a quality life requires more self-discipline than money. You’re changing the way you live.


How to buy China train tickets Easily

Our company has a cooperation with TravelGo.

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