• Introduction

    What is Unique Association of Suzhou (UAS)? UAS is a membership for Expats in Suzhou organized by Suzhou Unique Human Resource & Service Co. Ltd. We provide professional and efficient services…

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  • Housing Service

    We are offer the following service related to housing rent   1.Provide enough information and options, drive you to the house and inspect the house   2.Good negotiation skills with owners about the lease agreements and meet the client’s requirements before…

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  • Daily Life Service

    Being a membership from UAS,we provide the following services 1.Water dispenser purchase and water reservation 2.Moving service(order package boxes ) 3.Cleaning service(long term or few times) 4.Pets service:apply pets inspection…

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  • Activities&Events

    Come and join the fun! Our Activities team organizes various events throughout the year. These could be various cultural exchange activities such as culture trip, Calligraphy lessons, TCM events, Mid-autumn Moon…

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As a professional service company in China, we specialized in providing the latest uas membership for foreigners. If you have any enquiry about new uas membership, please feel free to email us.

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