Border controls related to the new crown have a serious impact on global migration

Apr 14, 2021

The international organization for migration said that while new crown a pandemic outbreak since governments to take measures in 2020 the overall trend of cross-border personnel flow drops greatly, but the group to a new report pointed out that, over time in different areas, the actual situation is changing, it is necessary for refugees and other migratory immigration had a particularly serious effect.

The COVID-19 and the State of Global Mobility by 2020 report, produced in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration and the Migration Policy Institute, is the first comprehensive analysis of travel restrictions and border closures adopted by governments last year.

The report points to the widening gap between migrants and non-migrants, the widening of the socio-economic vulnerability of those who depend on migration, and the increasing dependence of many migrants on intermediaries and facilitators as a result of restrictions on the movement of people, revealing the increased risk of exploitation and trafficking of migrants and refugees.

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