Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges: learning calligraphy!

Nov 7, 2019

Last weekend, foreigners from all over the world gathered to talk about culture and talk about ideals. The calligraphy teacher led all the friends to set off a fresh “Chinese style” and attracted many foreign friends. They stopped at the calligraphy display table!

At the beginning of the activity, the staff led foreigners to the activity room. They took out the ink, brush, utensils, etc. that were prepared in advance. Next, under the leadership of the teacher, the foreigners began to write the brush.

The teacher and foreigners communicated in simple English and the atmosphere became active.

Finally, they explained the culture of their country to us, and let the other friends feel the richness of the world culture.

The development of this event enabled us to appreciate the charm of the world culture, and to better spread the Chinese culture and promote the development of Chinese culture to a deeper level.

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