How to buy China train tickets Easily

Nov 21, 2019

China is aware of the importance of developing railway recently. By 2018, China keeps the world’s largest high-speed rail (HSR) network and the world’s longest HSR line, Beijing – Hong Kong High Speed Railway. Chinese people can easily book train tickets through the official app “12306” now. However, the app is totally in Chinese. It is a big inconvenience for the expats living and working in China.

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There are two normal ways for the expats to book train tickets:

1. Train stations

Passengers could buy train tickets at the train ticket windows or auto ticket machines. However, English language ticket window is only available in some big cities. Ticket machines are only available to Chinese ID holders.

2. Ticket offices

Ticket offices are scattered in the city. CNY 5 service fee charged for each ticket. I haven’t used this way for a long time since online booking is too convenient.

3.”12306” Website and App

The official train booking website of . Only Chinese version is available. Passengers are required to register by one’s real name and use a China Union Pay Card to make an online payment. Therefore, it is difficult for foreign tourists to book by themselves.


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