How to lower costs and improve the living quality?

Nov 26, 2019

For most people, the life that we are looking forward to is not possessing luxury items, such as a villa, BMW, helicopter and a yacht — which are more likely to be part of a fantasy.

Let’s face it, most young people need rent a house, their income cannot keep pace with expenditures. So, how can we save some money and improve quality of life? Think of it in this way: To live a quality life requires more self-discipline than money. You’re changing the way you live.

Here’s how to lower the cost and improve the quality of living in five different ways.

  1. Keep running or doing yoga

It seems to be a challenge to afford a fitness center costing over 10,000 yuan in annual fees or for a personal trainer. But you can buy a pair of sneakers or a yoga mat instead.

Running in a park on a daily basis or doing yoga at home utilizing free online resources is definitely a type of quality life. We should recognize that exercise is more rewarding than holding a membership card at an expensive fitness club but rarely going.

  1. Go to museums or libraries

Chasing young good-looking stars, watching their films and buying expensive tickets for their concerts are popular with many young people. However, this would do little to enrich your spiritual life but add to economic burdens.

You seem to fail to take in account a variety of exhibitions and resources updated frequently in major cities. Why not have a try? What you need to do is to choose themes that you are interested in, make an online appointment in advance and then enjoy your weekend.


  1. Make your own balanced diet

Cooking is no longer a necessary skill for young people in modern society. Online food delivery is booming and restaurant food and snacks can be directly delivered to your homes in half an hour. But food delivery is not always satisfactory. Some generic delivery food providers are problematic in terms of food security, according to media reports, while food in high-end restaurants is a bit pricy.

You then have the option of planning your own diet with proper nutrients. Plan your meals in advance, try fresh ingredients and cook yourself. A balanced, healthy diet gives your body the nutrients it needs to work efficiently.


  1. Stop over-spending online

For some young people, the easy and instant access and the discount codes of online shopping make it an addictive draw. Sometimes what you buy online is not what you really need and the demands are created by the producers.

Frankly speaking, the typical scenario goes like this: There is also something not quite right, but because it is on sale you buy it anyway. Or clothes that were purchased to be worn in the future are too small. Curb your online shopping spending and go to a physical store if you really need to.


  1. Decorate your room to your liking

Housing often plays a large role in a person’s life. Because they are unable to buy a house, most young people choose to rent a house in major cities. It may make sense to downsize to a smaller home for a lower rent payment and decorate your room by hand for a better quality of living.

By contributing a small amount of money to decorating rooms, your room will take on an entirely new look. All items might be less than 500 yuan, including dried flowers, a PVC floor, wallpaper, plastic mats and many others. DIY can be fun and cost-effective, and more importantly everything can be adjusted according to your own ideas.


Making money and saving money are not the final goal of life. Money is not the only thing can drive your quality of living, but your optimistic attitude towards life and self-disciplined way of life are.

Those are our suggestions, but how about you? Are you satisfied with your current life? How do you save your money?


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