• Is teaching a job or passion?

    Date: 2019.Nov.12

    Many people view teaching as “a job that could provide a steady income with long winter and summer holidays”. Is teaching more to you than just a “job”? Share your story if you have teaching experience in China.

  • Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges: learning calligraphy!

    Date: 2019.Nov.7

    Last weekend, foreigners from all over the world gathered to talk about culture and talk about ideals. The calligraphy teacher led all the friends to set off a fresh “Chinese style” and attracted many foreign friends. They stopped at the calligraphy display table! 

  • University graduates spend much on rent

    Date: 2019.Nov.5

    More than 50 percent of fresh university graduates in 2019 lived and worked in big cities, and nearly 40 percent of the graduates spent over 30 percent of their income on renting apartments, according to a recent big data report.

  • How do you protect yourself when you rent a house alone?

    Date: 2019.Oct.31

    Nowadays, the takeaway service is developed, and the express delivery is often delivered to the door. The place we deal with strangers moved from the outside to the blurry area…

  • Welcome Party in Suzhou! Let’s go!

    Date: 2019.Oct.29

    We provide you with intimate service and we sincerely welcome you to our party.

  • Working Abroad: What You Need to Know

    Date: 2019.Aug.8

    This article was originally published by SendFriend   Working abroad can be one of the most exciting adventures of your life.  From seeing incredible places to meeting amazing new people,…

  • Rent in China

    Date: 2019.May.17

    From Living and Working in Suzhou Finding a home to rent in Suzhou is probably one of the first things you need to take care of upon arrival. Luckily, there…

  • How to Find a Job in Suzhou

    Date: 2019.May.16

    From Living and Working in Suzhou The job search in Suzhou can be rather challenging, especially for newly-arrived expats. Of course, there is the language barrier and the need for…

  • Find a home in Suzhou

    Date: 2019.May.14

    From expatarrivals Initially, expats are often overwhelmed by the variety of accommodation in Suzhou, but soon realise that small units in huge apartment buildings are the most affordable option. These…

  • Expat Destinations in China

    Date: 2019.May.10

    From Living and Working in Suzhou Are you ready to move to China but not sure which expat destination is right for you? In this guide, we introduce you to…

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