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To work legally as an English teacher in China you need to have a ‘Z’ work visa. All of our partner schools are licensed to provide ‘Z’ work visas for…

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To work legally as an English teacher in China you need to have a ‘Z’ work visa. All of our partner schools are licensed to provide ‘Z’ work visas for their teachers and will handle the application paperwork for you, enabling you to then apply for your visa in your home country.

Chinese Work Visas Application Process


The requirements do vary slightly from province to province, however generally speaking the China visa application process works as follows:


Step 1:


Once you have been offered and have accepted a job teaching English with a school in China you will be asked to provide their HR Department with a colour scanned copy of your passport, bachelor’s certificate, 120 hour TEFL/ TESOL certificate, résumé/CV, criminal record check, recent photo, and a reference letter from a previous employer. In most Provinces, a medical check will also be required.


In line with regulations implemented in 2017, the bachelor’s certificate and criminal record check (and sometimes TEFL/ TESOL certificate) will have to benotarized/ authenticated before they are sent to a school. Remember that this process will take a minimum of 3 weeks to complete.


Step 2:


Once complete, email high quality scanned copies to your employer school. Original documents will be taken with you to China.


Ensure that you inform your future employer of which city and country you will be submitting your work visa application – for example, the Visa for China Centre in London, UK.

Step 3:


Over the following weeks the school will apply for your work permit. Typically this process can take between 21-28 working days, depending on the province.


Once this has been completed, the provincial visa office will issue an official work permit notice, which your school will send to you electronically and/or hard copy to your home address via a courier such as DHL.


Step 4:


Review your country’s Chinese Visa for China Service Centre website to download the visa application form and up-to-date country-specific information.


Step 5:


Take the official paperwork send to you by your employer school, along with your passport (valid for at least 6 months), completed visa application form and passport photo to your nearest Visa for China centre or Chinese Embassy/Consulate. In some countries the application can be made by mail and sent via recorded delivery.


The z visa is usually processed within 3 – 7 days depending on the service you opted for. Postal services can take up to 10 working days to process and return.


List of Documents


1) Applying for “Work Permit Notice”


1. Foreigner work permit application form (signed by the applicant and sealed the official seal)


2. The work qualification certificate ( 2 years or more work experience in related industry, the certificate issued by the former employer of the applicant to improve whom has the qualification for the current job, including positions, working hours or project, the seal of the ex-employer or the signature of the person in charge, and a valid telephone number or E-mail. If the applicant won awards in the field of professional, the corresponding proof can be provided.


3. The highest degree (Academic Qualification) certificate or the relevant approval documents, vocational qualification certificate (bachelor’s degree and above, the highest degree (degree) certificate obtained abroad should be accredited by Chinese foreign embassy, consulate or by the embassy, the consulate of the country where the applicant obtain the degree or Chinese academic accreditation body.


4. Notarized Noncriminal Certificate (should be issued by the applicant’s country of nationality or by the police, security, courts and other departments of the frequently dwelling place and accredited by Chinese foreign embassy, consulate . The frequently dwelling place refers to the country or region that the applicant dwell for more than one year after leaving the country of nationality, China is not included. Notarized Noncriminal Certificate should be issued within six months before the application.


5. Certificate of medical examination (physical examination of foreign personnel issued by the Chinese inspection and quarantine institutions, or the foreign medical institutions approved by the Chinese inspection and quarantine institutions, the issuing time are within 6 months from the application .)


6. The employment contract or proof of employment (including dispatch letter of multinational company) (including contract in Chinese, the content should include the workplace, work content, wage, work time, position, seal page (signature), which should be signed by the applicant and sealed by the employer and alteration is not allowed.


7. The passport of the applicant or international travel agency documents (passport validity period shall not be less than 6 months)


8. The applicant’s bareheaded and full-faced photos within 6 months (recent hat-free photos of electronic version, white background, no border, facial features complete, clear images, no defects of spots, flaws and ink.JGG format, the size of 40K-120k bytes , No less than 354 (W) * 472 (H) Pixels, no more than 420 (W) * 560 (H) Pixels, 24 True Colors.)


9. Certification Materials of the accompanying family members.


10. Other materials


2) Applying for “Work Permit”


1.The applicant’s visa (Z word or R word) or valid residence permit


2.The employment contract (should be provided if it is not provided when applying for ” Notice of permission to come to China “)


3.Medical certificate (should be provided if it is not provided when applying for ” Notice of permission to come to China “)


3. List of Residence Permit Application Materials


1. Work permit (original and copy )


2. Passport (original and copy)


3. Z visa ( information page and the last entry page)


4. Health certificate (original and copy)


5. Application Letter


6. Three 2-inch photos


7. Application form


8. Temporary residence certificate


4. Processing Time


Applying Z visa and Work Permit Notice —- 3 weeks

Applying Work Permit and Residence Permit—- 5 weeks



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