Reputated Brand of training school recruiting ESL teachers in Chengdu, Xiamen, Guangzhou

Salary: ¥16000-22000
Location: Many cities in China
Native English speakers needed

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This year, CO-VID 19 almost disrupted the rhythm of everyone’s life. During the epidemic prevention and control period, each of us were faced with unprecedented confusion and challenges. The hope and future suddenly become a little out of reach.


The epidemic situation has changed our lives in one or another. And for foreign teachers who work in China, these changes happened unexpectedly and they were unprepared…


After talking to some candidates recently, we found out that the offline training insititutions are struggling hardly on the verge of life and death. The five biggest problems they are now facing under the epidemic are:

1) Impact of suspension of classes;

2) Refund crisis;

3) Spring enrollment pressure in the coming months;

4) Employee management;

5) Revenue reduction and cost control;


These five problems are interlocking and affecting each other, which make this winter to be the longest and coldest winter for the offline training insititutions.



It is also scary for foreign teachers under the outbreak and all these uncertain times. Many of them got a pay cut, or the worst got fired. However, there are still some insititutions doing a very good job in keeping everything in order and built a very positive, heartwarming atmosphere for all the staff in their family. Please see the following video from one of their teacher in Sichuan from I2 Education.


As a responsible and warm enterprise, I2 has achieved a perfect balance between the interests of employees and the company, although they still need to face with various difficulties in the epidemic.


The good news now is…they are still Recruiting in various cities in China Such as :

Sichuan, Nanning, Changsha, 

Guiyang, Qingdao, Xi’an, 

Xiamen, Chongqin, Kunming etc.



Minimum eligibility requirements:
1. Native English speaker only;
2. Bachelor’s or above;
3.TEFL/TESOL certificate preferred;


Terms of Employment
1. Basic salary: 16,000+ RMB per month (before tax);
2. Bonus system
a. Contract completion bonus,
b. Bonus for new teachers;
c. Overtime pay,
d. Quarterly bonus
e. Bonus for enrollment,


Allowance system
a. Housing allowance;
b. Flight allowance;
c. Sign-in allowance;


Other benefits
a. Visa support: provide legal residence permit;
b. Medical & accident insurance;
c. Paid holiday:
d. Nursing Leave:
e. Maternity Leave:
f. Professional training;
g. Opportunities for promotion;
h. Airport pick-up, free hotel upon arrival, team building, etc


Special Benefits for teachers who have or want to bring nuclear family to China.
a. Medical & accident insurance: for foreign spouse and lineal relatives in China.
b. Housing allowance for children,
c. Local education allowance for children,


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