Reputated Suzhou public primary schools recruiting

Salary: ¥12000-20000
Location: Suzhou
Native English speakers needed

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Suzhou Experimental Primary School Education Group is a reputed and well known as high-quality teaching achievements in Suzhou. It has 3 main campus in Suzhou downtown, Wujiang district and Xiangcheng district. Especially the school in Wujiang has a total floor area of more than 20000 square meters, with 6 glasses in each grade.


School-running characteristics


BilingualismNative language lays the foundation of national culture;  Dual languages as a name card leading to the world. After six years of learning in the primary school, students will achieve a strong skills in expression and communication using English.


Internationalization: Inviting in – Making use of the group’s foreign institutions in the United States, Singapore and other countries to hire foreign teachers with rich teaching experience in order to give students ‘pure’ English education. Going out – Conducting deep-level international exchanges, and carrying out learning art exchanges between teachers and students.


Combination of boarding and nonboarding: We give our students the opportunity to “untie” themselves from their parents! Our boarding system lets the student experience the standardized and the systematic ‘life’ education.


This allows students to form good living, health and behavioral habits, cultivating their self-care abilities and independence. This enhances their community consciousness and spirit or cooperation. Students have plenty of time for learning, opportunities for practice, and space for growing up. This also gives the parents more time and a larger space to develop their own business.



Foreign teachers recruitment requirements:


Contract: 10 months(These two school will recruit every year from September 1st to June of next year. Winter holiday for 3 weeks paid, No office time.)
Location: Suzhou Wujiang District (Near Subway Line 4), Xiangcheng District (Near subway line 2)
Working Hours: Monday-Friday, NO Office Time, 35 minutes per class, 810 minutes per week.
Salary: 12000-20000rmb/m (newly graduated students with no teaching experience are acceptable.)
Housing & meals provided
8000RMB Airfare allowance
2200RMB travel allowance
400RMB transportation allowance


1. Native speakers from USA ,UK , Canada ,Australia , New Zealand, South Africa
2. Bachelor’s Degree(must be authenticated)
4. 2 yrs teaching experience with recommendation letter
5. Non-criminal Background (must be authenticated)



We have cooperated with this education group for over 3 years. They are reliable and responsible for the teachers’ teaching career. We are highly recommend to work in this school.

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